Meet The Ugandan Rapper That Has Taken South Africa By Storm

After a strong hustle in the streets of Uganda, Kampala City Charles Omony moved to South Africa where he found his home of music in Johannesburg and has been living there ever since.

Charles Omony aka DMB was born and bred in Uganda Jinja district in the 80s during civil war. He was given surname Omony meaning war situation. He grew up with his military mother Dorren Abwot who died in 1997 and was later raised by his military Father and stepmother who treated him like her own. Coming from a military background molded him to be a fighter, and he has converted all his skills into a life’s hustle to better himself and others.


Charles who started his music career in 2002 has been able to do collaborations with Africa’s big artists including Obita, Bushoke from Tanzania and Ab Crazy, Jolonde , Gorgeous Flash, Pure Gold and Sisiyanti from South Africa. He has shared stages with a lot of South African “Big Guns” the likes of Fat Joe, Lil kim, Akon, HHP, Proverb, Pro-kid, Loyiso Bala, Dreaman skaap, Dj Cleo and Pitch Black Afro.

His sound is inspired by a little bite of Swahili and English.He tries and incorporates every element of music to make his style rich and appealing to everyone. His dream is to make music which carries a positive massage,



Emcee by heart and Linux network engineer by profession, DMB Charles is also a graphic designer and a Christian motivational speaker. Charles DMB is a Hip Hop Artist, a hard worker, an inspiring man, of passion, tolerant, patient person and man of goals. DMB Charles grew up listening to Afro-pop, Reggae and Hip hop. At the age of 15 he was inspired by emcees like LL Cool J,Kool G Rap, Masta Ace, Rakim, KRS-One, Nas and many more, It was majorly Masta Ace and KRS-One that inspired him to begin rapping.

DMB has been building himself, making right connection, meeting right people, doing collaborations and learning how to produce himself and now he has decided to finally step out of the shadows and bring his music to the world.


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