Meet Youthful Winners Of The ‘Unleash Your Panther’ Campaign Who Develop Apps

Claire Kahuma and Njolima Concepta were the overall winners of the Unleash Your Panther Campaign which was organized by Chano8 Conekt and Mixateens in May 2018. The campaign which was aiming at giving young people a platform to express themselves and share innovative ideas that can help solve problems in their communities.

Chano8 Conekt’s Maureen Guma caught up with the young entrepreneurs whose Idea of an Application AVC- Mobi won them the overall prize. They shared about their progress in business so far, as studies and life in general.

Chano8: HELLO Clare and Concepta. Good to see you again. How are you doing?

Clare: It’s good to see you again too Maureen. We are doing well.

Chano8: Tell our readers about your selves:

Clare Kahuma: We are the Cool-tech team. The team consists of two people; Kahuma Clare and Njolima Concepta. Kahuma Clare is a second year Software engineering student at Makerere University while Njolima Concepta is a second year Electrical Engineering student of Makerere University.

Kahuma Claire and Njolima Concepta making a presentation.  

We are also currently pursuing a certificate in sales planning & marketing at the Daniel Choudry Sales Institute – We thank Chano8 Conekt for giving us this opportunity.

Chano8: Tell our readers a little about AVC-Mobi especially those that don’t know about it?

Concepta Njolima: AVC- Mobi is a mobile phone application that will enable police representatives to report crimes by sending a message, taking a photo of the crime scene or making an emergency call to the police officers.

Chano8: Was it your first start- up?

Clare Kahuma: No! We have developed a couple of software applications (although not on the market) in the land tenure system, governance and health sector.

We also ventured into a cosmetics and jewelry shop that is running currently in Fort-Portal and we have also undertaken an agricultural project dealing in goat rearing, apiaries and fish-farming in our home place.

Chano8: Wow, that’s an amazing feat. What setbacks have you had as young entrepreneurs in school?

Concepta Kahuma: Due to the school schedule, it is sometimes hectic to fully balance our projects with academics. And this has caused a few management setbacks in our businesses.

Kahuma Claire(C) receives a dummy Cheque from SMS ONE Finanace Director Mrs Elizabeth Mushabe after emerging overall winners.

Chano8: What have you done to overcome these challenges?

Clare Kahuma: We have set aside the first weekend of every month to return home to check on the projects and have left our parents in charge of the projects. We have also put in place effective ways of book keeping to ensure smooth running of the projects.

Chano8: What is the best advice you have ever received?

Clare Kahuma: “Stay foolish, Stay hungry and stay humble” said by Steve Jobs

Concepta Njolima: Every journey of a thousand miles starts with one step

“Passion is the best motivator” by May Weather

Chano8: What advice do you give the young people like you?

Concepta Njolima: Always know what you can and can’t do, so that you learn to do what you can’t do. ALWAYS CHALLENGE YOURSELF.

The finalists at the Chano8 offices in Kololo while undergoing briefing

Clare Kahuma: Do not work for money. Work to satisfy your audience. Work to create an impact. Work to create a solution. Money shall come along.

Chano8: Any final remarks?

Clare Kahuma: We would like to thank Chano8 Conekt for giving us the platform to showcase ourselves. We will forever be grateful for the opportunity. Emerging the winners of unleash your panther challenge was a life changing opportunity for us.

Chano8: Thank you for your time ladies.

Concepta & Clare: Thank you Maureen.

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