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Members Of Parliament Should Lead By Example – Bebe Cool

With members of Parliament willing to pass a bill that would exempt their allowances from being taxed, several people have expressed their frustrations by calling them greedy while other people like Bebe Cool who is die hard NRM supporter took to their social media accounts to express their dissatisfaction.

The gagamel boss started off by saying, “if it’s true,shame on all u MP’S both NRM,FDC” before going to say, “You should lead by example.”

U should be the one to emphasise yourselves paying taxes on all the money that u earn and by that way encourage the people u represent to do the same,” Bebe Cool added.

Bebe Cool disappointed with the members of parliament

Bebe Cool disappointed with the members of parliament

If that wasn’t enough the African Girl singer further went to ask the MPs what example are they setting for their fellow citizens,

You should encourage Ugandans to pay taxes, tell them the advantages and also teach them that if they pay taxes,organise their books of accounts,they get tax returns.”

The proud father of five concluded by saying am not a politician but just a concerned responsible Ugandan.

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