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Men Who Leak Nude Pics Are The Cheapest, Most Local, Weakest, Low Life, Scumbags I Have Ever Seen – Bebe Cool

Gagamel boss Bebe Cool has come out and shown his frustration towards people who leak
nude pictures of their former partners online.

With the rumored leaked pictures of Anita Fabiola circulating across social networks like Whatsapp, the Love you everyday singer said,

‘Men who leak womens nude pics or personal sex videos r the cheapest,most local, weakest,low life, scumbags i have ever seen.How in your right mind do u tell a woman today u love her,u plead for some,she falls in love with u n surrenders her self whole heartedly,just because u can’t keep up with the game,some times status of a woman goes higher than yours so u luz your self esteem hence separate,then you turn to exposing her privacy to the public.’

Bebe Cool disappointed with men who leak nudes.

Bebe Cool disappointed with men who leak nudes.

And if that wasn’t enough, he advised the ladies to expose the face of the person who leaked their pictures,

‘MEDICINE,ladies pliz always expose the face of the man who exposes your nudes so that the other women can know what they r capable of,then their fellow men can chant them of weakness cheapness,localism.’

Bebe Cool also went on to say ‘a woman’s nude is your mother’s nude.And u will see some fools asking why do they take those pics?excuse me,why do u ask for them.’

In other news, the singer will be releasing his Go Mama album soon.

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