MidYear Boat Cruise This Weekend

Meet Drone Herts (Musinguzi Herbert) who nowadays prefers to be called Herts, best known for his magical touch in Marketing and Events and this time round he has organised a  Boatcruise.
Tell us about this Event? (Mid year Boatcruise party)
The mid year Boatcruise party, This is going to happen this Saturday 10th June, and Tickets are out at only 35000shs. Alot of things are going to happen a reunion of all obs and ogs, entertainment, music, entertainment and also have a Happy hour on the  the boat 3beers 10k, its just going to be the best experience.
Its a 5hr Cruise to Kpalm Islands in Mukono where People will reach and Party and have all the fun they cant have intown so its just a Trip to paradise thats all I can say
Who are you working with?
 We have an Investment clube called D9 it will be teaching people about stock markets and how to earn through investment with ease. We have Crooze fm 91.2, Chano8 magazine of course the official sponsors of all  boatcruises i organise and we are expecting NBS tv  on board as well.
Why Croozefm?
Well Crooze fm is a fast growing radio station which is the biggest radio in the whole of the Western region with a following of over 200,000 likes on the official Facebook page, it has a youthful target and its urban as well.
How do people get Tickets have you put them at a certain point?..
Yeah tickets are out,  and they are selling out very fast, I dont expect to sell any tickets at the gate. And the few tickets that will be available will have been booked in advance, But still people can book thru the numbers on the Posta.
What challenges have u faced so far?
Most challenging factor is its Ramadhan and very few people want to go they have requested for another Event for those who miss, We are yet to think about it though.

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