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Mikael Musoke – The Norwegian Deejay Who Has Made A Name In Uganda

Mikael is from Norway, but his love for Uganda earned him the name Musoke which he uses on social media platforms as well as his day to day life. He has been promoting many Ugandan artistes and theme nights for different bars on his Facebook wall and a Ugandan track can’t miss out on his playlist whenever he’s deejaying somewhere. Chano8 caught up with him and he had this to say.

What are your real names and why do you use Musoke?

I have so many names and consider all of them. My official name is Mikael D. Mack. I guess the name Musoke just fits my personality. Cascas from Boyz in September was the first person to call me that name.

When did you start deejaying and where did you get the interest to start doing so?

I grew up in a music community, since my father is a very talented musician. I started DeeJaying in 2013, kind of “by accident”. My friend DJ Pre-D had a bongo flavor gig in Oslo, and since he had to go somewhere, I had to step up for him and because I had all my Ugandan tunes with me, It worked perfectly and people loved it so much. I found it easy for me since I had the musical background and knowledge about Ugandan music.

Musoke with Vampino and a friend

Musoke with Vampino and a friend

How many times have you been in Uganda?

The first time I came to Uganda was in July 2012. I had already come to love Ugandan music. This is the time one of my Ugandan friends based in Norway was getting married in Kampala. I felt I had to get an “excuse” to travel to Uganda because I had already met many artistes from there who also introduced me to other people in the music industry. I have met over 200 Ugandan artistes from Uganda in addition to good producers, video directors, managers, organizers and people in TV and Radio. I’ve now been to Uganda five times.

Where did you learn Luganda from?

Believe it or not, I started learning most of my Luganda on the streets of Oslo, Norway. There are not too many Ugandans here, but I used any chance I had to ask about words and practice when I met them around.

Why did you decide to learn it?

I’ve always been interested in many different languages, but Luganda is by far the coolest I’ve ever come across, and it’s the first time I really feel I want to master a new language and learn it fluently.

Who are some of your best Ugandan artistes and songs?

You have so many great and talented artistes in Uganda that I wouldn’t know where to start from. I don’t think it’s fair or right to compare artistes, since they all have their very different qualities. I mean, how do you compare a pineapple and a hammer? It just doesn’t make sense. But I can talk about any artiste, how I feel about them, and their talents and skills.

Which clubs/bars have you played for while in Uganda?

I’ve played at Venom Beach Bar, 9 Degreez, a new place called Pom Posh, a small bar in Kizungu, and a place I believe will become better when they build a rooftop called Walkers Bar in Kansanga. I’ve also played at Galaxy fm, the Evening Rush with Mr. Mosh, and the Zzina Sosh festival at Wonder World, Kansanga.

Which Ugandan song enjoys enormous airplay in Norway?

Ugandan music is not available this side (except for Sitya Loss). But any time I play Ugandan music for the bazungu (or anyone else) over here, they Love it so much. Many people here are searching for new music, and find it hard to come over something new. There is an opportunity here to make a platform to provide Ugandan music for the international market. And I know how to do it. I just need the right people for the team.

What do you like most about Ugandan music?

I like everything about Uganda. The atmosphere, the climate, the music, the people basically everything.

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