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Mikie Wine Shows Off His New House

Ragga and Dance-Hall singer Mikie Wine commonly known as ‘Sulubada High School Head Master’ is now a free man who will no longer be stressed by the land lord. The ‘Mwali Bana’ singer last week finally unveiled his newly built house that looks elegant and spacious even from the outside. Although he says the house is not yet fully complete to his expectation, the level it is at will not fail him to complete. However, building this house has been a challenge he has been able to beat and finally arrived at the climax.


Mikie Wine also known as The Sulubada High School Head Master

Mikie Wine who has been on the Ugandan music scene for a couple of years is continuing to enjoy the fruits of his sweat now that he owns an asset of a new house. He comes from a music family that also has artistes Eddie Yawe and His Excellency Bobi Wine with whom they have done a couple of songs which have helped Mikie earn more mileage plus winning a healthy fan base. He has also done several other solo projects and collabos for example the ‘Yanimba’ track featuring Eddy Kenzo which performed so well for the two.

The good news of the accomplishment, did not leave Mikie tight lipped but he instead shared the bundle of the good news on his facebook page. “Oh lord i thank u for the fruits of my sweat, am humbled and for the fanz,family and friends allow me welcome you to the white house coz your the reason as to why i smile when others want me to cry,i love u all.in God i trust.sulubada hi skul h.m say so”. An excited Mikie Wine said.

miki use 2

A front view of Mikie Wine’s house

However, when Chano8 contacted Mikie Wine for more details, this is what he had to say, “The house is located along Gayaza road near Bobi Wine’s home, as in the hills where both houses are built are nearby. I began constructing the house four years back. It has been so hard building this house but the more it has been hard, the more i have been determined not to stop. At some point, I thought I wouldn’t finish it up but I said no way because if left it at half way, i would be a looser. So by all means i had to make sure i completed it.”

Now that the ‘Sulubada High School’ Head Master Mikie has put a house out of his sweat through music, we wish him all the best in other areas as he pushes his career to greater heights.

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