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Mikie Wine To Battle It Out With Radio And Weasel

We thought artistes are done fighting for concert days going by the fact that a year has 365 days in which an artiste can choose from to hold a concert. Their characters might suggest otherwise but at the end of the day, there is something to lose out of this.

We have just gotten to know that Mickie Wine is holding his concert on the same day as the Goodlyf and no party wants to withdraw from the arrangements.


Mikie Wine is ready for a mega concert

Mickie Wine is set to have his ‘Bend & Slide’ dance party at Muganzirwaza shopping mall in Katwe while the Goodlyf will be holding their ‘Omwana wabandi’ cioncert at Africana. Both events will be happening on the 13th of May.

Radio And Weasel singsing cut

Goodlyfe’s Radio and Weasel

It is such things that make the Ugandan music industry so interesting to keep following and that is why most people say the Ugandan entertainment industry is the most competitive in East Africa.


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