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Miles Rwamiti Discusses The Role Artistes Play In Politics

Koona ne NTV host Miles Rwamiti recently came out and talked about artistes roles in politics. As part of the chano8 monthly #AskRwamiti theme, the host had this to say,

‘I know for a fact that there are a few genuine people or artistes in politics because they support NRM or any political party that will pay them.

Most of them are very broke people just looking for money and survival. One thing you should know is that most of these local artistes are very broke, so they will go where ever they are asked to campaign just for the money and survival but not because they love doing it. So, they should not lie to you that they support so and so when they are into it just for the money.’

However, Rwamiti continued:

People like Bebe Cool are into this for real. We all know that he comes from a family that is into politics like his father, Jaber Bidandi Sssali, although he doesn’t agree with him on certain things. Bebe Cool is genuinely into politics. Remember the scandal in Mbarara? He had issues with organisers of the event and refused to perform because Amama Mbabazi was the chief guest.

Bebe Cool walked off the stage. That incident alone was enough to prove that he has strong beliefs and that he is genuinely into politics regardless of if he is paid or not. It pays off for Bebe Cool because when he was shot, the President came to his rescue. He is a die hard NRM supporter.

Miles Rwamiti breaks down the roles artistes play in politics

Miles Rwamiti breaks down the roles artistes play in politics

The Koona ne NTV host further went on to look at other artistes who are into politics,

‘I am still trying to figure out Ragga Dee. I do not think he is serious and I strongly feel that he is in it for the money. I think he will get to a certain level and quit but then again he might surprise us. Ragga Dee might be looking for a big business deal from the Government and NRM.

There are a few genuine people like Judith Babirye who probably have a higher chance of winning. Judith has a big following and I think she can make a good leader because she has been doing it for a long time.

She is a pastor and has been leading people in church. She is also one of the most paid artistes for functions, so money is not a big motivator for her. I think her heart is in it and she can win.’

Read more what Miles Rwamiti had to say in the Chano8 October issue here.

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