Millions Raised At Angella Katatumba’s ‘Mulago Yaffe’ Charity Concert

It has been a pretty busy half year for songstress Angella Katatumba and a fruitful one at that as the singer cum Philanthropist has rolled one project after the other since lend of last year. All the hard work she has put into her music and humanitarian and charity efforts is beginning to yield fruits.

From donating 10 million for the emergency wing to being appointed ambassador of Bikers Association, to being appointed face of Mulago cancer institute and being invited for the world humanitarian summit in Turkey, it has been a roll for the kind singer.

The singer last night held a colourful and successful charity concert dubbed ‘MulagoYaffe concert’ to raise funds for the fight against cancer in Uganda. The concert organised in conjunction with the Uganda Cancer Institute and Uganda Bikers Association so millions being raised through cash donations and pledges for the fight against the deadly cancer disease which is slowly eating up into the productive age group of the mass community.


Angella Katatumba showcasing her singing skills at the event

From Business men and Diplomats to politicians and Celebrities, the revellers turned up in droves to support the good cause which has now won Angella many admirers in the country. She has become a big source of inspiration for many of the local celebrities who have also started charity projects mostly supporting disadvantaged people in the local communities.

The elegant Angella dressed in a brown little dress and stockings stepped on stage at around 9.35 Pm looking fresh accompanied by a rapturous applause as she did covers from great artistes like Whitney Houston who she admitted had a big influence in her music career during her early stages into the career. The soothing ballads she crooned to kept the crowd glued as they followed her gentle movements on stage directed by the mellow voice she emanated through the microphone.


singer Desire Luzinda also made a pledge of 300USD.


Rajeev and the Ruparelias pledged 2.5 million


The pledges kept flying in

Her stage setting was closely knit with just a few instrumentalists doing the live act. It was a close and personal affair as she engaged the crowd in intervals sharing her life’s stories and cracking a joke here and there. It was only when she did her own compositions dedicated to the plight of the sick and under privileged that the crowd woke up from the slumber.

Her posture shifted from the gentle sleazy movements to a more energetic stature when she performed ‘For you Gulu’ a song she did for the people affected by Joseph Kony’s LRA war in Northern region and then followed it up with ‘Mulago Yaffe’ the theme song for the night before wrapping up the first session with her love song ‘only you’.


The break was something very memorable as promising comedian Agnes Akite previously of ‘The Hostel’ drama series cracked up the audience with some fresh jokes never heard before. Her jokes mostly about herself were so original i could see some people drop a tear or two. She made some revellers almost fall off their seats when she joked about her thin legs and her Acholi tribe being stigmatised everywhere.

Her colleague Daniel Omara who doubled as the night’s MC then put the icing on the cake by claiming all brilliant people(like the comedians) of the night are all Acholi and he is proud of his heritage. He concluded by saying he will istall a car alrm in his car that will ‘Make noise’ in Acholi and when stopped will simply say ‘ni ngo’ loosely translated as ‘What’s up’ which sent the fans into bouts of laughter.


Charmant Mushaga and his Congolese brother Rogatien


Comedian Daniel Omara was the MC


Akite Agnes cracked up the crowd

Angella9 Angella10

The now refreshed Angella then returned for her second and final session in a stunning black and white dress doing more cover songs and original compositions like ‘Supernatural gal’, ‘So close’ and ‘In the air’. At this point the pledges started flying in with Rajeev Ruparelia of Ruparelia Group opening it all with a 2.5 million donation. Others like Pemba Sports quickly followed suit with individuals and companies making generous pledges.

She then concluded performances that were kick-started by ‘Mwoyo singer’ Maurice Kirya  at a few minutes to 11pm. The speeches then followed with guests praising Angella for the initiative. Her proud father Honorary Consul of Pakistan in Uganda, H.E Dr. Boney Katatumba and mother Gertrude Katatumba led a delegation of family members to support her.


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