“Mind Your Business”-Miss Uganda 2019 Oliver Nakakande Tells Off Critics ‘Doubting Her Beauty’ 

Last Friday the 26th of July, Oliver Nakakande beat other 21 girls to the  Miss Uganda 2019-2020 crown. She replaced Quinn Abenakyo who happens to be the reigning Miss World Africa.  In an exclusive interview with Chano8, Oliver reveals exactly who she is. She talks her journey to Miss Uganda, her new plans and how ready she is up for any challenges in her time in office.

Chano8: Congratulations upon winning  the Miss Uganda crown Oliver. How does it feel right now?

To be honest to you, I am still coming to terms with it. Just the mere thought of it adds more on my daily excitement. Right now, Miss Uganda management is still taking me through orientation and we are also having nice moments as a team.

Chano8: What do you still make of the coronation night?

Truth be told,  I still visualise everything from the real first day I picked forms to contest. I am just a lucky girl and I still thank God for all this success so far.

Chano8: Who is Oliver Nakakande in a nutshell?

I am a 25 year-old born and bred here in central Uganda. Currently, I am in my 2nd year at Middlesex University based in Dubai studying marketing.

I went to Helm International School in Mukono. Later I joined Fahr Senior Secondary School-based in Kawempe for Advanced Level (A Level).

After my A Level, I joined UMCAT School of journalism for a Certificate in Journalism and its here that I contested and won Miss Umcat. That is four years back.

Miss Uganda 2019-20 Oliver Nakakande smiling after being crowned queen (Photo by Nelly Salvatore)

Chano8: Share with us how the whole idea of contesting for Miss Uganda started?

It all started on Instagram. I follow Miss Uganda page and have always followed their updates. Last year when Quinn Abenakyo won the crown, I was really impressed. I told myself I can win this too. The day they announced for auditions, I hit Miss Brenda Nanyonjo’s inbox and asked for details. She was cooperative and advised me to pick forms and fill them in.

Chano8: After picking the forms, how did it go?

My semester was still on. I had to talk to my friend to pick the forms and get them filled. She helped and later submitted them. We had to wait for Miss Uganda to release a list of those that had made it. Sadly, my name was missing on the list.

Chano8: From your name missing on the list to being the current Miss Uganda, how was this possible?

I know but immediately after  I couldn’t see my name on the list, I again went in Brenda’s inbox and inquired if there could be another second chance for me to appear. She told me to come on the first day of auditions and talk to her. I talked to my family and arranged an air ticket and came right away. I was asked to refill again and finally, I made it to the list.

Chano8: Share with us the experience of meeting the other girls on the auditions day.

God! I saw beautiful girls. Very intelligent but also I trusted my beauty and intelligence that is why I made it from the first rounds.

Chano8: Were your parents supportive?

They were very supportive and pushed me hard to go for it. They believed in me and knew I was very intelligent. This also helped me gain more and more confidence.

Chano8: How were able to convince the judges to make it to the final 22 contestants that made it through auditions?

Oh yeah. I used my project of Sex Education in youth. It is very hard to separate sex from life. Sadly, few people know what sex is all about. I  want to be out there teach and tell the youth that sex means a lot. My message caught the judge’s attention and finally, they saw substance in me.

Chano8: Now that you’re the Miss Uganda, how ready and prepared are you to take over from where the outgoing queen Miss Quinn Abenakyo stopped?

I am ready to reach where she didn’t reach. I want to achieve more than what she achieved and take Uganda to another level.

Chano8: How ready are you to take on a section of Ugandans who think you are not beautiful enough to be Miss Uganda?

I have read such on social media. But like I said, I will concentrate on the positive people with positive ideas. Those who think I am not beautiful should let me be and also mind their business.

Chano8: In Quinn Abenakyo’s reign, she has rubbed shoulders with the top dignitaries in the country like the president Uganda, won’t you feel jealous and neglected if it is not the same with you?

I won’t be jealous. I will not be in any competition with her. I want to run my race and do my best to achieve much more. The rest will fall in place.

Chano8: You are a student in Dubai and probably spend much of your time there, how are you going to balance the two?

I am soon finishing my course and I want to be back fully. Secondly, with my bosses, we shall discuss the way forward but be sure I will give my best as Miss Uganda.

Chano8: Finally, what’s your boyfriend’s take on your current achievement?

Uhmm. I don’t really want to talk about him for now.

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