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Minister Who Punched Journalist To Face Assault Charge

Minister without Portfolio Abraham James Byandala who yesterday punched a Bukedde TV Journalist Ms Judith Naluggwa in the stomach faces arrest over assault. This was after the minister unleashed a heavy punch on the lower belly of the stunned journalist in front of her colleagues.

The visibly annoyed minister was caught on camera committing the offence as he made his way to the Ant-corruption court in Kololo, Kampala where he is also on trial for alleged corruption. The hearing of this case particular case was adjourned and the minister was not happy with journalists who followed the proceedings particularly Naluggwa who appeared to be filming him.

Byandala and Judith

Byandala appearing in front of the probe committee. INSET is Judith Naluggwa

In a short video clip which was shared by other television stations, Mr Byandala appears to be questioning the female journalist as to why he was being filmed before unleashing the punch that left Naluggwa glued to the spot motionless, in pain and shell-shocked as she clutched her stomach.

The journalist who later with the help of her colleagues reported an assault case at Jinja road police station was then examined by medics who also made their report.

By press time, statement from the journalists and human rights bodies was expected to be issued condemning the act. We will bring you more updates as events unfold.

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