Why Miss Deedan’s Wardrobe Sense Is Totally Irresistible

Deedan Muyira popularly known as Miss Deedan is a radio presenter on Radio city, actress and most probably the best female event host / emcee in Uganda. But that’s not why we are here really, we are here to get mesmerized by this diva’s fashion sense that we cannot get enough of.

Usually when we talk Miss Deedan the mind runs to that big personality she possesses, the gigantic sense of humor and her unique hoarse voice. Now as if that is not enough the Kenyan-born spices it up by being super stylish, she has on several occasions embraced the African print with ease and elegance that is without equal. But honestly this beb looks good in whatever we have seen her wearing, how she does it, got no idea.


Check the particular details of this look. From that navy blue hat to the tailoring, the colors, shades, the cuts etc, this look is a dazzle

As we sit in our sitting rooms, in office or in cars driving home, we cannot fail to listen to Deedan on ‘The Jam’on an evening drive show with her counterpart McKenzie. Why coz we love her. Check out her photos that will make you die for her stunning wardrobe.







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