Miss Uganda Boss Brenda Nanyonjo Promises A Phenomenal Pageant

As preparations and arrangements hit their peak at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel where the search for the Miss Uganda will take place, Chano8 managed to exclusively talk to the Miss Uganda Foundation boss Brenda Nanyonjo. She is confident of a historical and phenomenal event this evening.

Chano8: How does it feel for Miss Uganda Pageant to be back after two years of a break?

It feels good. I think the break of one more year also freshened up our minds and as of now, we can’t really wait for today. As you can see, I am up and down with organization and setting up the girls. The feeling is really good.

Chano8: Preparations are and have been in high gear, what should Ugandans expect  day?

Ugandans should expect the best ever organized Miss Uganda Pageant ever. We feel like the very first time we started. Everything we are doing is really on point. So let people come knowing massive entertainment.

Chano8: Previously you had issues in bringing on sponsors. How easy has it been this time around?

Like you know there are many events in town and all run to same sponsors but being a Miss Uganda event, our sponsors were quick to give us their listening ear when we called in. Though it hasn’t been easy with the negative stories that have been going around.

Chano8: Should also the in waiting Miss Uganda expect to serve two terms?

Why should she serve two terms? You, people, get it wrong. Miss Uganda must have one term unless otherwise. This last one, we already explained why it was like that.

Chano8: Take us through the challenges in selecting the girls?

It is so challenging. All the girls have the capabilities and potential to be Miss Uganda but we look for the cream. We have faced all sorts of critics all around the world but well we stick to the core principals of Miss Uganda.

Miss Brenda Nanyojo (Right) at a recent Miss Uganda 2018 presser Photo by Access Film)

Chano8: Talk about the critics, recently, you’re accused of bullying the contestants. Why?

We didn’t bully. We were teaching them and letting them know that you don’t just be mediocre and become a Miss Uganda. They actually learned a lot but as you know some Ugandans ride on negativity, we were taken as bad. But the girls understood it.

Chano8: With Boss lady Zari, Talent Africa on board, should Ugandans expect fairness at its best?

Even before, fairness has been at its best. We have never favored anyone while selecting the Miss Uganda.

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