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Miss Uganda Organisers Finally Speak Out On The Zari And Fabiola Incident

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One of the administrators at the Miss Uganda World Franchise known as Jariah came out address the matter the exchange of words that erupted between top Kampala socialites Zari Hassan who was the judge and Anita Fabiola who was the host at the Miss Uganda 2019 grand finale that took place  last Friday evening at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel.

While speaking to Chano8, Jariah revealed that up to today no one knows how the exchange of words came about. She added that they also saw most of the things on social media and got shocked

“Truth be told, we don’t know what brought up the racass. As Miss Uganda, we really have no Idea and probably later we shall talk to Zari and Fabiola and get more details” Jariah told Chano8

Jariah went on to reveal that neither of the two ladies has approached them to talk about the incident;

“None of them have come to us to talk about last Friday night. We are still in chilling mood and maybe later they might come up” she reveals.

Whether it was a publicity stunt or not, it was the wrong forum for the two socialites to address their differences. Jariah believes.

Zari and Fabiola shocked revelers who had come to attend the Miss Uganda grande finale.When it was time to announce the top three finalists, Zari was called on stage to read out their names which were in an envelope that was being held by Miss Brenda Nanyonjo the CEO Miss Uganda. As the MC, Fabiola was heard asking Brenda whom she referred to as ‘mama’, whether she preferred to read out the top 3 finalists’ names

“Girl you are supposed to do the opening work”-Zari was heard telling Fabiola to open the envelope, a few seconds before she (Zari) grabbed it from Brenda’s hands and hit on Fabiola’s belly in what seemed like an attempt to pass on the envelope to the NBS Katch Up co-host. Meanwhile this was all happening as the stunned crowd looked on


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