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All You Missed At Phila’s Faith Walks Concert

The Faith Walks concert was splendid, it’s one of those shows you attend and be left completely astonished by the amazing prowess of the musicians.


Yesterday, we were in for a treat. With dancers from Kawempe curtain rising, Levixone jumped on stage next and My God, he’s truly an artist to look out for, his performance was rather breath taking as several fans just stared in disbelief. He was later joined by Daisy and Jackie Okello, who simply turned it up a notch.

Then on came this lady (didn’t get her name) who just broke the stereotype of only associating rap music to male artists. This lady could rap, am sure Ruyonga must be somewhere smiling at this new competition (hip hop just went gospel).


Jeremiah, who performed next, treated the crowd with his repent song which got him a round of applause. As the show kept getting better and better, Patrick Nyanzi former Ngoni member brought the roof down with his performance, he received a standing ovation from the fans which was only a statement of his skill.


When Phila’s younger brother Richy Kaweesa who was recently a nominee of the RFI Discoveries Award stepped on stage, you would really understand why he was nominated for such a big award in the first place (Yes, he is that good). With his soulful touch to music, Richy made me believe that I had paid so little for the show, because his prowess and finesse are that amazing you can’t put a price tag to it, ‘it’s like asking you how much would you have paid to watch a Micheal Jackson concert’ exactly, it’s hard to come up with a figure. Richy was and is really inspirational with his music.


Finally came the man of the hour, Phila just brought Jamrock to Labonita. We had our heads jamming to his every bit, if it wasn’t for the chairs am sure we would have had more fans doing the ‘running man dance’. His flawless performance was definitely the highlight of the night and just as the saying goes ‘save the best for last.’


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