What You Missed At The Vintage Car Show

The vintage car show which was held yesterday at the Sheraton hotel brought a lot of car enthusiasts from different parts of the country while others came all the way from Kenya to just have a look at vintage cars. The sight of cars that were on display was simply breathtaking only proving that old is gold. Most of the car owners had amazing stories on how they had to search several parts of the world for the spare parts.

A one Bill Farmer whose story is rather fascinating said took him about 28 years to the get his Citroen 15/6 on the road. It’s journey started in Cameroon where he got it as junk, took to Barbados, West Indies where it got the paint job, then London and finally to Uganda where he currently resides. This 1951 is such a beauty and it’s no wonder it was the winner of last year’s vintage car show.


Bill Farmer’s 1951 Citroen

The event which was hosted by Sanyu Fm’s Crystal and Keith was not only limited to Vintage cars, Spear Motors also showed off the latest Mercedes and boy oh boy these beautiful babies can make you wish you were a don so could just purchase one. From the exterior to the psychedelic interior, they were made with sheer perfection.

Crystal and Keith presided over the vintage car show

Crystal and Keith presided over the vintage car show

Spear Motors showed off this stunning beauty

Spear Motors showed off this stunning beauty


Powerful vocalist Lillian Mbabazi and the Sundowners wrapped up the show with an amazing performance which successfully marked the event in the history books. One can’t wait to see what they have planned for next year.

Have a look at vintage cars below.


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