Mixed Feelings As Ugandan Artistes React To New Rules Proposed By Government

  • Ugandan Artistes react over new rules set by Ministry Of Gender, Labor and Social Development for them to follow 

A few days ago, the Ministry Of Gender, Labor and Social Development out of the blue released a list of 10 rules and regulations which our very own local artistes and other entertainers will follow and whoever breaches these rules risks a big penalty.

The rules which vary from observing proper hygiene to not performing while dressed indecently, to not performing at more than one show among others have rubbed some artistes on the wrong side.

Majority of the artistes had remained tight lipped about the introduction of these rules until BET Award winning artiste Eddy Kenzo came out to complain. Kenzo through his social media platforms expressed his dissatisfaction over these rules

 No artists is allowed to breath or sneeze without permission, if you do, your licence will be canceled for 2yrs”  Eddy Kenzo’s statement read and this is believed to have sparked of the fire as other artistes and other entertainers followed suit to express their dissatisfaction as well.

Dancehall artiste Ziza Bafana tweeted and said. “But who makes these rules?? Abeera wa Are they experienced in events? Are they artiste managers? Or they are artistes? We shall not follow pages showing up on social media? Where is the author? Ps: an attack on my job is an attack on my home”

One of the most trending artistes currently Bobi Wine also had this to say about the rules.

“The cowardly regime is bringing up new laws and regulations to gag artistes in the hope that they can kill and stop the music. They are so scared of arts. They don’t know what else to do, except try to silence the hundreds of singers. I have said to them before and say this to them again- you cannot kill the music. Just address the injustices we are singing about”

Bobi Wine’s reaction differs from Bebe Cool  who says that the Industry deserves the rules. “The entertainment industry needs guidelines. Definitely some will be tough but some we will discuss them. All other sectors have guidelines and the only problem is entertainers in Uganda have no guidelines. It is through the guidelines that we will table our demands”

Singer Catherine Kusaasira who is also comfortable with the rules had this to say “I think these rules have been put there to favour the artistes although there are some rules which are unfair”

Although some artistes have not come out to say it publicly, reading through the rules, it is clear that some of them are a little hard for some artistes to follow. Some artistes say that the body responsible for the rules should have first consulted them before proposing the rules.

“They did not consult us. If the rules are about us the stake holders then they should have consulted us” Singer Dr Hilderman said

On the other hand, the rules which have done nothing but shake the entertainment industry have not yet taken effect as they still have to undergo some processes, among which include being debated on in Parliament before they are officially passed.


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