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Mixed Reactions From Netizens As Bad Black Is Unveiled As Victoria University’s Brand Ambassador

The criteria that was followed to appoint controversial socialite and sex worker Bad Black, real name Shanitah Namuyimbwa as the new Brand Ambassador for the Jinja Road, Kampala based Victoria University (V.U) is one many Ugandans, especially those on social media want to know.

All we know is that on Monday the 27th of September, Black was unveiled as the University’s Brand Ambassador up  to 27th September 2022.

Her unveiling took place at the University located at Victoria Towers Jinja Road, Kampala. Photos of her and Lawrence Muganga, the university’s Vice Chancellor made their way on the internet, sparking off mixed reactions from Ugandans on social media (UOSM).

“This agreement is made of Sept 27|2021 between Namuyimbwa Shanitah (Bad Black) herein, ‘Brand Ambassador’ and Victoria University a company registered in Uganda” Read the agreement between V.U and Black, in part.

Victoria University Vice Chancellor Lawrence Muganga shaking hands with Bad Black at her unveiling

Bad Black’s critics on social media (Twitter to be exact) expressed their highest level of dissatisfaction in V.U’s controversial move to appoint Black where as some of her well wishers were happy and also showered her with lots of congratulatory messages.

At some point, it even got dramatic as Black’s critics and fans came at each other all in the name of her appointment.

Meanwhile, the university on Tuesday distanced itself from appointing her as it’s brand ambassador

“Bad Black as a brand ambassador for a university.. is amazing. Wild. Disruptive. Anti-clockwise thinking. Brilliant. What rules? I love it. Victoria University is pushing a strong/important accessibility message!” Ugandan journalist and radio broadcaster working for BBC News Alan Kasujja tweeted

“Victoria University’s choice of Bad Black as a brand ambassador is like the NRM’s choice of Full Figure and others to help NRM win in Kampala in January. In the end, the NRM lost not just Kampala but Buganda. You have to choose your influencers carefully.” Renowned Journalist, researcher and photographer Timothy Kalyegira said

“Victoria University has introduced a course called prostituticiology” Hanny Bill joked

“Bad Black as an ambassador of Victoria University has made me realize that my bachelors degree is actually not so important”. Black Decac said

“Can’t wait for badblack to start inspiring Victoria university students to read hard” Proud Mufumbira said

“A school dropout BAD BLACK is now a brand Ambassador of a university in Uganda”. Capacity Jonan wondered

“Why are some people bitter about Bad Black getting the job” Asked Aggrey Osuta

“Victoria University’s choice of Bad Black as a brand ambassador is unsettling. The choice is unwise. Her example is not inspiring. Educational institutions are sacred moral institutions, like churches and mosques. There is no synchronicity between the two.” David Soita explained

The bad black deal is exposing Twitter witches You guys can be bitter for no reason Eeeehhhh!!!! Kalema Josel said

“Victoria University is not stupid, it knows where the professors are, but it decides to give Badblack the ambassador role simply because she represents the society we live in, she has more followers than most of those professionals. She was chosen because of you”. Sid Sarah Kabanda

Here are more reactions from Ugandans on social media over Bad Black appointment as Victoria University Brand ambassador


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