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MNet Is In The Process Of Commissioning Original Films From Uganda. Here Is How Submit Proposals

MNet is in the process of commissioning original films from Uganda for its channels, on themes that focus around all facets of our daily lives. The films must be authentic in either English or Luganda (subtitled in English). The storyline must be engaging and exciting to our target audience, leaving them wanting for more.

  • Primary Target Audience- Aged between 20- 49 Years
  • Duration of films- 90minutes
  • Language- English and Luganda
  • Professional movie Script
  • Character Bible
  • Treatment/Approach
  • Preliminary Budget
  • Screeners/demo of previous work done
  • Contractual Information- i.e. Full names of Company, Directors & Partners, Company Registration Certificate, VAT Registration Certificate and full physical address.

Evaluation/selection process

  1. Receipt of proposals will be acknowledged by email notification.
  2. Proposal will then be evaluated by a panel of Judges selected by Director of Channels/Head of Channel and a shortlist of successful proposals achieved.
  3. Pitching sessions for shortlisted proposals.
  4. Selection and notification of winning proposal(s).

Submission process

  • Submission of proposals and previous work done(HD files) should be done by 15th March 2021 and uploaded on  then select the channel of your respective country i.e. Uganda- Pearl Magic.

Deadline for submissions: 15th March 2021

  • Technical and editorial standards required by MNet will be set out in the production agreement.
  • MNet will have the final editorial and creative control over all aspects of the Commissioned Programming.

All submissions to be forwarded to the following: then select the channel of your respective country i.e. Uganda- Pearl Magic.

If interested, you can find all the details by clicking on this link;

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