Model Doreen Kabareebe Launches Branding, Mentoring And Coaching Company

Renowned city model and fashion influencer one Doreen Kabareebe is a lady who deals in a lot of things, some of which have made her be the centre of attention especially on social media.

On top of modeling and what she does in the fashion industry, Dora is also a marketer, philanthropist and consultant who works with clients around the country and those in the Diaspora, helping them and their businesses to maximize their marketing efforts.

Just when we thought that was all, Kabareebe will starting January 2021 be into branding, mentoring and coaching, following the launch of the DK (Doreen Kabareebe) Branding Coach company.

With this company whose slogans reads “When you are well branded, it’s easier to get business in any competitive society”, she is looking and coaching her clients to find out their strengths and what they can stand for, what tools and mediums they can apply and above all the importance and benefits of personal branding.

City Model Doreen Kabareebe

Through the DK Branding Coach company, Doreen is also looking at helping clients to stay relevant over time as their brand coach, help them understand their story, establish their brand voice and to identify their client target audience.

With this her new venture, which came at the at start of the year, you might want to try her services out, if you seek coaching, mentoring and personal branding

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