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‘Monster Maid’ Finally Takes Shine Off Desire Luzinda

Desire Luzinda has been the star of social and main stream media for the past two or so weeks after her nude photos were leaked to the public by her estranged Nigerian Boyfriend Franklin Emuobor.

Desire Luzinda who first hid after Ethics and Integrity Minister Fr. Simon Logodo summoned her through Police to answer questions related to the leakage of the nude photos. However, she seemed to have started taking pleasure in the moment after her pose she used in those photos went viral.


Desire Luzinda and former Nigeria boyfriend, Franklin

Local Celebrities like Singer Bobi Wine and Sports scribe Patrick Kanyomozi participated in the ’Desire Pose Challenge’ that later became a trend spreading like wildfire on social media.

Soon, the international media also picked interest in the whole scandal which started after Desire was arrested for failing to pay a debt of 21 million she owed a money lender. Although former Mayor Alhaji Nasser Ntege Ssebagala bailed her out by clearing part of the debt, her Nigerian Ex-Boyfriend Franklin got hurt and accused her of sleeping with several men behind his back and released a list of names of some of the men.

Bobi Desire

Desire Luzinda ‘V’ Pose became the in thing after the likes of Bobi Wine tried it

The list of the men he accused Desire Luzinda of includes Car brokers, politicians, local musicians and prominent businessmen. And Franklin threatened to release more pictures and videos after he bumped into kinky messages Desire was purportedly sharing with a Sports Club Villa Official Engineer Ben Missaga (Big Ben) on WhatsApp.

The drama kept on raging in the media with new twists and turns until the accident that involved a baby at KCCA momentarily took off the Desire Luzinda heat and then finally the video of the ‘Monster maid’ washed it off the media scene with over 25 Million views and discussions.

In the video, a maid Jolly Tumuhiirwe, 22,  who was according to reports  secretly recorded by her bosses on a CCTV camera, is seen torturing a 2-year-old baby Arnella Kamanzi. She batters the Baby repeatedly with a torch, slaps, kicks and stamps on her back.


Monster maid whacking the baby

Whether it was a big relief to Desire or rather an ‘unwanted interruption’ remains to be seen.

However, according to observers and critics, Luzinda was actually ‘enjoying’ the moments in the limelight after international media houses like the BBC, Daily Mail, Sowentan Live, Afro Cosmopolitan picked interest and even interviewed her and also was hosted on Television exclusives like on  NTV.

She went ahead and released two songs ‘Ekitone’ and ‘Ekyama’ during that hot streak probably taking the advice given to her by singer Cindy seriously. Cindy’s nude photos were also leaked to the media sometime back, apparently by her Ex-husband after developed misunderstandings and claimed it made her more popular.

As usual, we will keep you updated on any new developments.


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