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More Celebrities Follow Qute Kaye’s Way To Christ

With Captain Dollar known for his hit tune ‘Emese’ being the opening celebrity to embrace salvation at the ongoing 77 days of Glory at renowned pastor and philanthropist Robert Kayanja’s Rubaga Miracle Centre, former singer Qute Kaye followed next recently.

After shading a lot of tears The ‘Ginkese’ singer declared that it was a brand new beginning of his life as a born again Christian. Following Kaye’s declaration, other celebrities like former Leone Island member Papa Cidy, Luga Flow singer Eddy Kigere and Amarula Family comedy group member Kapere.


Qute Kaye and Pastor Robert Kayanja on the day he got saved


Papa Cidy with Pastor Robert Kayanja   

It must be noted that after his top of the charts single ‘Ginkese’ Qute Kaye became the man of the moment, attracting quite a number of ladies and getting a huge fan base. But that celebrity status might have cost him a lot because he didn’t have a plan B for his music career and within a very short time, no one still remembered the musician and he did nothing to revive his music career with many branding him a ‘One hit wonder’.


Luga Flow artiste Eddy Kigere (left) gave his life to Jesus Christ

It has been reported on a number of occasions that Kaye had died but somehow, information later comes out that he is still alive and this was because of the rumours that he was sick and suffering from an unknown disease which he apparently claimed to have infected many women with.

We would like to commend these artistes for embracing salvation and we hope they stay saved as it is the only way to join God’s kingdom.



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