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More Drama As John Blaq’s Lookalike Also Denies He Is Not The One In The Sex Tape On Social Media

Last weekend, another sex tape leaked on social media showing a man who is said to be fast rising singer John Blaq in a sexual act with an identified lady.

The main reason why social media users rushed to a conclusion that it is Blaq is the fact that the man in this video resembles the singer.

From the time it made its way on social media, the “Do That” singer and his management had remained silent about the matter until on Monday when management came out with a statement.

In the statement that was posted on the singer’s management’s official social media platforms, they denied it is their artiste in the video as it is said and also revealed that he is “disturbed by the video and despite the uncanny resemblance he is not the one and can never be relegated to filming cheap videos in dinghy motels”

Meanwhile, in an exclusive telephone interview with NBS TV’s “Uncut” show, Blaq alleged that his former management which he bitterly fell out with is the one behind all this. He said that they must be the ones who asked his lookalike to have a sexual act with a lady, recorded it on video and leaked it, all in the name of tarnishing his name.

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The “Uncut” crew looked for the singer’s lookalike to get his side of the story and to our surprise, he also denied being the man in the video and this has left the public in more confusion of who is who in the this viral video clip

While clearing his name in an interview with the above mentioned TV show, the man identified as Visa Vybez, also a singer got so emotional on camera and was seen crying throughout the interview.

“I want to let you know that I don’t know anything about the that sex tape, That is not me” Said Visa

It even go more dramatic when he said that he needs doctors to do a DNA test of  the video and compare it with his to get proof that he is not the one in it.

“If they claim to have proof that I am the one in the video, can the video be taken to the doctors and they do a DNA test on it? Let them take my DNA as well and compare it with one of the video and incase they find out it is me, they can do whatever they wish to me

Viza Vybez also claims that he has been getting threats via phone calls from anonymous people telling him that if he doesn’t accept that he is the one in the video, they will beat him up thus running to Police for help.




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