Moriah Hospitality Awards Launched In Uganda. To Reward Top Notch Hotels, Lodges

Uganda’s Hospitality Industry has for a long time faced an issue of standardization. Through the years, it has been hard to understand how to determine, define and award stars, and the standards.

This is however not anymore if the confirmed information we have is one to go by. Hotel and lodge owners among other top tier accommodation facility owners now have cause to celebrate as the Moriah Hospitality Awards are finally slated to take place in Uganda.

These awards are renowned worldwide for working with top notch Hotels and Lodges to enhance service standards

Speaking during a phone call, the chief executive officer of Moriah Hospitality Awards Africa; Ebenezer Bunya disclosed that he has trust in the Ugandan team which he said will be able to execute the mandate of the award ceremony in Uganda.

He further added that the international team led by Ugandan CEO, Evelyn Banga has camped in Uganda since January and are already in the process of tying down partnerships to aid the seamless organization of the Moriah Hospitality Awards 2022.

“It is important to celebrate those who labor to provide top notch service in the Hospitality Industry. But in the same vein, we seek to emphasize the need for those who miss out on the nominations and awarding, to learn from the attributes and service standards the award winners showcase,” explained Bunya.

Moriah Hospitality Awards Ugandan CEO Evelyn Banga also added that these awards aim at rewarding those who have labored to grow. Those who appreciate hospitality as an ever changing concept of human needs.

“Moriah Hospitality seeks to reward those who have labored to grow. Those who appreciate hospitality as an ever changing concept of human needs, and therefore react promptly to meet the requirements that come with the trends.Those who appreciate the immense value of great service, great food and great architecture and therefore embrace the notion of learning, training to be better. Those who seek to satisfy their customers through and through again, so that the industry as a whole can grow. All the hotels that don’t do this, ought to learn from those that do it right,” explained Banga.



According to Evelyn Banga, The Moriah Hospitality Awards team of experts in hospitality invests time in visiting all the luxury hotels between 2-5 stars in Uganda (Those who want to book an assessment can send an email to ) After which, the experts vet the hotels or lodges (among other accommodation types) according to a number of service facets like waiting staff etiquette, hygiene, branding, food, facilities, modern plumbing, experiential interior and exterior architectural design, to mention but a few. Those that pass the tests are then awarded marks,which are then compared with the other accommodation facilities in their categories. After which the best 6 in the different categories are nominated in the Moriah Hospitality Awards.

The Moriah Hospitality Awards, through the team of experts at Moriah Hospitality, however also offer comprehensive trainings curated according to the needs established after the vetting session. Hotels that are not contacted for the vetting process of the Moriah Hospitality Awards can also reach out to Moriah Hospitality, and can therefore only receive the service audit and consequent trainings on request.

Hospitality brands  like Serena Hotel, Lemala Wild Waters Lodge,  Sheraton Hotel, SkyzNaguru, Chobe Safari Lodge, Latitude 0 Degrees Hotel Makindye,  Nile Safari Lodge, Apoka Lodge, Baboon Safari Lodge, Gorilla Heights, Kyaninga Lodge, among many others, are expected to vie for the awards come December 2022.


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