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Movie About LRA’s Joseph Kony Wins Top Golden Impala Award At Amakula Film Festival

The mere mention of Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and their notorious leader Joseph Konyi send shivers down the spine of many after the atrocities wielded upon the people of Northern Uganda, Cenrtal African Republic and South Sudan

And a film made last year about his love life Konyi – Order From Above yesterday won the top award at the just concluded 12th edition of the Amakula International Film Festival walking away with the Best Feature Film for Uganda.

The film revolves around a love triangle, a story of a young trusted LRA soldier (Otti) whose job is to guard his boss Konyi’s youngest wife (Aguti) the newest wife being the young soldier’s longtime childhood love. Now he is split between his loyalty to the rebel cause and affection for the love of his life. Who were only separated by abduction and now re-united by the same. Watch trailer below;


The awards ceremony held on the last day of the 3-day film festival which ran from March 15th – 17th was to recognize the great work done by both local and international film makers with this year’s edition receiving a record number of entries and submissions.

While handing over the awards to the respective winners, the Kampala Film School Head of Studies, Cristiano Civitillo said, there is great improvement in the quality of films produced locally and that the jury which he headed had a difficult time deciding on the winner for this particular category as all submissions were very good as African and specifically Ugandan Directors are now discovering themselves.

L-R Cristiano Civitillo, Andrew Kaggwa and Polly Kamukama during the awards ceremony yesterday.

This according t him has seen big strides in the development of story-telling although he was also quick to point that, there is still a problem with editing (a very important component in the production process) where some of the feature films are too long.

“There has been a big improvement in the quality of story-telling as the directors are slowly discovering themselves as they present their in their original context. However we still have a big problem with editing. Why have a good story run for more that 200 minutes?” Civitillo queried.

His co-jury member and film critic Andrew Kaggwa concurred with him and said the films that won had big improvements in Cinematography, editing storytelling and general artistry.

Andrew Kaggwa explains why they picked the respective winners at this year’s Golden Impala Awards. 

According to Chief Curator Mr Polly Kamukama, ‘Chilli On The Lips’ one of the award winners on the day was not allowed to be screened by Media Centre because “it is still under review”

The short film from Burkina Faso is critical about the president of the country’s long stay in power as well as those leaders who cling to power. Polly believes this could be the reason the short film was not allowed to showcase at the festival which closed with the screening of two other captivating stories in ‘T-Junction’ (Tanzania) and ‘Sew The Winter To My Skin’

The Golden Impala Award presented by Bayimba cultural foundation, aims to uplift and inspire film standards for local, regional and international filmmakers. Although the turn up for the Drive-in experience was low, the Amakula Film festival was generally a smooth ride in all the three days.


Best Student Film (Not awarded)

Best Short Film….Doubout (Stand up) – France

Best Documentary….Chilli On The lips – Burkina Faso

Best Feature Film (Non Ugandan)…. Subira – Kenya

Best Feature Film (Ugandan)…. Konyi – Order From Above

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