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Mowzey Radio Killer Could Face A Shorter Sentence After Confessing

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After admitting that he was the man behind late vocalist Mowzey Radio’s death, Wamala Godfrey alias Troy  will be serving four years in jail and is going to be charged for manslaughter.

Initially, it was believed that he would be charged with murder and the ultimate penalty would be life imprisonment. Now that he admitted on Monday the 9th of April that he led to the death of the musician although it wasn’t his intention, he is likely to serve a short time behind bars.

Troy, said that his intention was not to kill the musician but he just slid from his hands and hit his head on the ground at De Bar in Entebbe.

“I Didn’t Intend to Kill Mowzey Radio. He just slid from my hands and unfortunately hit his head on the ground. Please kindly forgive me” he said.

Radio was killed after a bar brawl on the 22nd of January at De Bar in Entebbe when Troy threw him to the ground. It was the impact of the landing that caused to his death because he hit his head on the concrete.

He spent ten days in coma at Case Hospital where he later passed on.

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