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Moze Radio Not Impressed With The Success Of Richy’s Neera Version

He might have given him permission to re-do his Neera track but the news we are receiving from the Neverland ranch in Makindye is that Goodlyf member and vocalist Moze Radio is not pleased with Richy for the track.

Moze Radio not impressed with the success of Richy's Neera version.

Moze Radio not impressed with the success of Richy’s Neera version.

It is alleged Radio is furious with the success the redone version is receiving and attribution people say about it.

According to most people, the redone version is by far the best of the two when it comes to execution, melody, vocal strength and instruments used and barely a month after outing his version, Richy is riding high on the track which is now his best. It’s being played on every channels allover East Africa, ITunes and steadily climbing charts.

Moze isn’t pleased at all because the original never made it to some of the regional channels and the other reason being that he’s not accredited for his efforts towards the track.

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