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Moze Radio Salutes All Ugandan Artistes

Until now, we are not yet sure if it’s true the dynamic duo of Radio and Weasel separated. The two have denied the allegations but Radio on Tuesday attended the Afrima conference at Africana alone but had some wise words he put on the floor.

Radio at the Afrima press conference.

Radio at the Afrima press conference.

The artiste explained to the directors of the prestigious awards how important they are to Uganda and how they as Ugandan artistes would benefit from them. Radio went ahead and explained that Uganda is full of talent and reasons why they (Goodlyf) are ever in studio is because they are given a run for their money by the budding talents in the industry.

“This country is so full of talent and that is the reason we are working hard. They are not giving us breathing space”, He said.

However, the artiste also pointed out that it’s not of any interest for the organizers to know the problems Ugandan artistes face but rather work on overcoming them.

The Goodlyf duo is the only Ugandan artistes to have won the Afrima accolade that is decorated mostly with gold.

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