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“MPs Should Serve Not To Be Served”- Bobi Wine

Photos by Habre Muriisa

A few days ago, Parliament confirmed that Member of Parliament will each receive 150million for cars that they are going to cruise around during their five year tenure in office but singer Bobi Wine has objected to this.

The artiste shared his mind saying that there are a lot of matters to attend too like the health sector, rotting schools and unpaid striking University staff instead of Parliament approving 64billion of tax payer’s money to buy luxury cars.

He also added that when it comes to matters like that, there is no opposition yet MP’s are always objecting to other matters.


Bobi Wine wants MP’s to serve people instead of being served

“If I was in parliament I would strongly ‘OBJECT IT’ and the reasons are simple; a good land cruiser that costs about 45 million shs would serve a whole five year term and even be donated afterwards possibly as a local ambulance in the constituency. If those cars were acquired through a centralized procurement, I’m sure they would even cost much less.” He said.

Explaining how his MP friends have big cars because they are high ranking government officials who already have big cars, others have cars already given to them in their previous terms while others drive luxurious cars because they are prominent business men and women.

Bobi Wine4

Ragga and Afro Beat artiste Bobi Wine

“In my opinion, MP’s should SERVE and not be SERVED By the voters. I really think ,MPs should be given double cabin pickup tracks coz they’re durable and effective and if they want any luxury, they should use their own money to buy it (after all even their salary is too high).Like I said, IF I WAS IN PARLIAMENT, I would OBJECT!”. He concluded.


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