MTV Base Africa Mends Their Relationship With Chameleone, “We Salute Your Contribution”

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Last year in August, singer Jose Chameleone was bitter at MTV Base East (a branch of MTV Base Africa) after they shared a twitter poll of who is big between him and Big Size Bebe Cool. Twitter users voted and at the end of the day, Bebe Cool beat Chameleone with 58 to 42%.

On seeing this, Chameleone bashed MTV Base for failing to learn the logistics of a growing music industry and just called them cheep business men who are aiming at turning a healthy competitive society to a field of ego.

From that time, the self proclaimed heavy weight’s relationship has not been good with MTV until a while ago when an Instagram post made its way on the MTV Base Africa Instagram account praising the ‘Badilisha’ singer

 “General @jchameleon we salute your contribution to the game” Read the MTV Base Africa Instagram Post.

On top of this appraisal, MTV Base Africa followed him on Instagram a thing that Chameleone appreciated.

“The year 2018 begun long time ago, Don’t be late always be on time. Time is the master of all Achievement. Have a great day my dear Friends # Champion. “General Chameleone we salute your contribution to the game” Thanks for following me on Instagram @jchameleon” Chameleone shared on his Facebook page.

So after praising Chameleone, is MTV Base trying to win Chameleone friendship back after what  happened between them last year? This is a question for another day.

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