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MTV Base Praises Jose Chameleone

With his Wale Wale double trouble concert fast approaching, Jose Chameleone couldn’t hide his excitement when he was named as the MTV Base Man Crush Monday.

He took to his social media accounts, shared a snapshot of the post and captioned it ‘Time for movement we are pronounce and Ready for the Gigantic ShowDown,’ which is slated for May 1st at the Kyadondo Rugby grounds.

MTV Base' man crush Monday is Jose Chameleone

MTV Base’ man crush Monday is Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleone wasn’t the first Ugandan artiste to be named Man Crush Monday, recently MTV Base also credited his friend and colleague Bebe Cool as well. It seems like two real put their past differences behind them as the Gagamel singer recently came out and asked fans to stop comparing the wale wale star with King Saha,

‘Ugandans should never compare Saha to Dr J Chameleon coz I too feel disrespected. I hear mbu who is who? Where will u go on this date? Just because Saha put his concert on the same date with him does not give u any right to put them on the same weighing scale. ITS ONLY THE WORK WE DO THAT SAYS WHO WE R NOT THOSEWHO WANT TO PUT US DOWN.’

With that said you can’t afford to miss the wale wale double trouble concert this weekend. Be there or be there 🙂

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