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MTV BASE Releases List Of Top Ten Ugandan Rappers, Many Are Missing Out

On Sunday, MTV Base released a list of Ugandan Hip Hop artistes they think are the top ten but the list has gotten mixed reactions from the public because some people are missing while some people don’t deserve to be there.

 We however understand that MTV Base spoke to Gloria Haguma, a fashion and pop culture expert in Uganda who revealed that hip hop and rap are thriving in the country and justified the list.


Navio is Uganda’s number one rapper according to MTV Base (photo by Habre Muriisa)

“Hip Hop is the most consistent genre in Uganda. The genre has been getting more appreciation and recognition from the consumers, which has been a great boost to the industry. The artists have gone from just doing music, to starting fashion brands for example Rapaholix, Ziva Muntuuyo, I’m So UG among others, building brands, to using their status to help their communities. Also, hip hop is the only genre that has an award show that is 100% dedicated to the genre.”

With that in mind, the list was released and it has some big names like Navio, Lyrical G, Keko and BigTril. But some indigenous rappers like Babaluku, Sylvester and Abramz are missing out on the list yet they are arguably some of the hottest rappers in Uganda.

The list is as follows.

  1. Navio
    2.The Myth
    5.Lyrical G
    6.Flex D’Paper
    8.St Nelly Sade
    10.Pryce Teeba


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