Why Mugiez Bar Went Ablaze

With a few weeks after Satelite Beach Mukono going in flames, another high end bar in Mutungo known as Mugiez Bar went into flames earlier yesterday with goods worth millions being destroyed and burnt into ashes.

An official statement has not yet been released by the proprietors regarding the cause of the fire, but unconfirmed information has it that, it was caused by a short circuit that sparked off at the VIP section.


A picture showing Mugiez Bar on fire

The fire that gutted the buildingand destroyed items worth millions of shillings and it kept spreading due to the grass thatched roofing. Among the items destroyed were fridges, computers, flat screens, laptops, sofa sets and tables among others but luckily enough, no life was lost in the process.

Mugiez Bar has been one of Mutungo’s biggest happening places that attract people from surrounding areas like Biina, Luzira, Bugoloobi, Kireka and Kitintale. It has been busy especially during weekends and also been a  favourite joint for soccer lovers when it comes to airing premier league matches on screen.   

By the time it went up in flames, management had plans of renovating it with a grand re-opening scheduled for next month.


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