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Mulago Hospital Receives Machines Donated By Angella Katatumba

The smiles on the faces of doctors, nurses and officials from Mulago referral hospital said it all as machines donated by singer Angella Katatumba were finally delivered to the hospital this morning.

Crown Health Care Limited delivered a Phototherapy machine and a syringe pump which were paid for by Angella Katatumba at a tune of UGX. 10 Million a couple of weeks ago. The machines are expected to save the lives of over 60 babies mostly premature, per week.

Katatumba through her NGO The Katatumba Development Foundation (AKDF) on 16th January 2016, handed over a cheque worth 10 million to Mulago intensive care unit to purchase a Phototherapy Machine and Syringe pump under the Mulago Yaffe campaign.


Katatumba handing over the dummy cheque a couple of weeks back

“I am happy to finally see these machines delivered to Mulago and hope my humble contribution to the hospital will go a long way in saving lives of babies. I made my mind to donate to this particular hospital after we through a terrible experience with my family when an uncle of mine could not receive help here, yet still the private hospitals refereed us back here because most of the specialist doctors are actually here.” Katatumba said while handing over the machines to the hospital staff.


Angella Katatumba today handed over the machines to Mulago hospital staff

The Phototherapy machine which is used in treating decolourization in premature babies, with complications that turn their skin color yellowish will be able to help about 60 babies per week. Mulago hospital needs 20 of such machines though at the moment there are 2 that a functional at the unit.

The Phototherapy machine works by sending Ultraviolet (blue) light onto a special cottage where the babies are put to help heal the skin.


The new phototherapy machine

According to Ms Mulindwa Sarah a senior nurse who is in charge of the facility at the special care unit, the hospital faces a lot of challenges because limited space and lack of adequate equipment to accommodate the big number of emergency cases. She says for instance, today, there were about 90 babies way above the 60 which is the recommended number to benefit from the facilities.

The brief handover ceremony was witnessed by Mulago Hospital Public Relations Officer Mr Enock Kusasira, members of the ‘Mulago Yaffe’ campaign team, senior nurses and members of the press.


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