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Multichoice Uganda Embarks On Countrywide Training In Film Production Ahead Of Festival

Multichoice Uganda has in its effort to build and positively contribute to the film industry started its two-month film tours where Ugandans will be trained and equipped on how best to make films even better with a low budget.

MultiChoice Uganda has sought experts in the film industry with expertise in production, scripting/writing, acting to unpack how vital each stage is when developing a film worthy of a screenplay.

One of the trainers Cissy Nalumansi a writer known for her work with award-winning shows like Sanyu and Prestige will take the audience present through scripting a vital aspect of film given a good script can make or break a film. Nalumansi also an alumnus of the MultiChoice Talent Factory has tremendously grown in the film industry and is slowly achieving her mission on how the African narrative is told with one story at a time.

Nalumansi has in her own way proven that one can harness a set of various skills so as to play more than one role in filmmaking. Nalumansi whose strongest skill is scriptwriting also doubles as an actor and director.

Sanyu one of the Ugandan series that Cissy has worked on.

With Nalumansi’s journey, a listener is bound to believe that anything is possible and that the talent in Uganda is sufficient to make a film that matches the standards of Hollywood.

Kisiriko Sadat producer of Damali the African Child will train the audience on how to film with a gadget as simple as a mobile phone. With the advancement in technology, even phone cameras with the right skill set can get you the angles or perfect shot for a film.

Having produced a number of films, Sadat will stir conversations that any filmmaker is interested in especially in areas of budgeting, production, cast and crew to mention but a few.

Film in Uganda is yet to reach its full potential and with such training, the goal is to empower as many Ugandans as possible to provide teir one content from the Pearl of Africa.

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