MURDER IN THE CITY: Why Proprietor Of Kololo-Based Hickory Bar Mugisha Was Shot Dead

News of the shooting of Arnold Ainebyoona Mugisha by a Saracen security guard earlier at Quality Shopping village in Naalya spread like wild fire although with various theories emerging as the news moved on social media.

However, Police official statement confirming the shooting narrated the ordeal with eye witness accounts bring the picture clearly to the public that has been following the proceedings keenly with interest.

According to information we have gathered from different sources and Kampala Metropolitan Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire,  Arnold Mugisha a co-proprietor of Hickory Bar in Kololo who had come from the gym with friends went into the supermarket after buying water but on emerging to the parking area, pushed a shopping trolley which hit another car parked near by leaving it with scratches.

A Saracen guard who saw what happened approached the group and politely requested Mugisha to stay behind and sort out the scratch issue with the owner of the car but Mugisha instead entered his car a Toyota Mark X with his friends and told the Askari to leave but before he could move Mugisha apparently reversed and knocked the Askari and hit his foot.

Arnold Mugisha was shot dead this morning in Naalya. May his soul rest in peace.

The other Askari who had come to check what was happening and help the situation got enraged so that he picked a gun and then shot Mugisha in the mouth following a heated argument. Mugisha later was declared dead  on after being rushed to Kampala Independent hospital by his companions.

The guard was lynched by an enraged mob and beaten badly but was later saved by police who whisked him away to Mulago Hospital. However, the state he is in currently is not clear.


An eye witness account making rounds on social media in a voice note suggests it was a case of arrogance on the part of the deceased who responded harshly to the guards and even knocked one when politely approached to sort out the issue of the car he had scratched.

According to him the witness, It all started at around at about 10:30am after Mugisha stayed behind to wait in the car as his colleagues went to do the shopping. On return, the colleagues that had gone shopping left their shopping trolley roll off and it crushed into another car in the parking lot.

“These guys came with a trolley and after removing their items, they released it to roll, scratching another customer’s car in the process.” He narrated.

“The Askari talked to them politely and asked them why they left a trolley to roll, he told them that they scratched a customer’s car and they should wait for the owner of the scratched car to sort out the issue, but they arrogantly sat in their car and wanted to drive away. They asked the Askari to move out of their way but before he could move, Mugisha started the car and crushed the Askari’s leg,” He added.

The witness goes on to say that on seeing the guard (who was later identified Aweza Babu)’s leg was crushed by Mugisha’s car, the second guard (later identified as Moses) Angoria took off and returned with a gun, and shot Mugisha in the mouth and neck.

This theory corroborates with several others although the act of killing Mugisha in in itself a criminal offense in the laws of the country and will be subject of discussion for another day.

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