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Music Artists Threaten To Sue Online Music Provider.


Kenyan top artists are very furious with online music platform as they feel cheated. MDUNDO.COM. is an online platform for the public to download various songs after signing up, the artists are allowed to monitor the downloads. The artists signed contracts with the website owners which they now wish to terminate due to being treated unfairly.

The artists believe the website is in breach of their contract through  misrepresentation, exploitation and underpaying artists.


The CEO of the website Martin Nielsen didn’t say much to clarify the allegations and  only said that Mdundo does not coerce artistes to sign up for the services as membership was voluntary and artistes could leave whenever they feel so. In matters of underpaying artistes, the CEO elaborated that each artiste earns Ksh 4 per every download and that there was no way Mdundo could con artistes as they have a system to show how many downloads the artistes got hence they could easily calculate how much the artiste was to earn from his song (s) download.

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