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Review: Rema is Deep In Love And So Are We!

We have seen many stories of Rema being connected to a series of men in Uganda. However, we are not sure which man is in her life currently. However, what we are really sure about is that she is deep in love with someone.

She has released this song deep in life at a time when media is awash with stories of her breaking up with Eddie Kenzo and now hooking up or rather going back to her first love Mathias Walukaga. The mystery of the man behind her pregnancy is also not yet solved.

But forget the rumors, let’s focus on the song that is slowly picking up the airwaves. She chooses a high tempo RnB flow to this love song to give it a danceable feel. Produced by D-King, the audio was already hitting stride in clubs before we got our yes on the music video.

‘Why not, fall in love while dancing?. It’s a good feeling doing both, you know’ Patience a die hard Rema fan told Chano8 when asked to give her opinion on the danceable feel to this love song.

Rema is deep in love

Rema is deep in love

When it comes to the video, director Frank Mugerwa of Jah Live productions puts effort in trying to balance the ‘I am in love’ feeling with the dance moves. He doesn’t disappoint, though, as the natural choice of environment suits the love theme perfectly.

Sometimes we are torn between loving Rema and loving her songs, but end up loving both. She has now added that maturity to her looks and suave demeanor to match the voice and vocals that she belts out. The future is bright for her only if she can stay focused while deep in love.

You can watch the video here and give us your opinion on our Facebook page. See Gallery below.

[youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5Msw3K0Uls”]

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