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Musician Vincent Segawa Now Stuck With 56 Women Who Want Love

A few weeks back, a local Ugandan musician known as Vincent Segawa appeared on Bukedde TV on the ‘Abanonya’ programme trying to find miss right. The programme is for singles searching for love and marriage partners.

Expecting to get one response, the musician was yesterday surprised to learn that 56 women are all interested to get married to him.

Segawa failed to make a choice on who to start a relationship with but just decided to send them away in order to get a peace of mind and make a decision on who to choose. He requested them to return today as he would have finally made up his mind.

Segawa appears on Bukedde TV as he searched for love. However very many women showed up overwhelming the singer.

Before the 56 women showed up into the picture, there was a lady who called him up and asked for his hand in marriage because she has money but this didn’t please the musician who said its men who are supposed to marry women not the other way round.

Vincent Segawa is commonly known for songs such as ‘Linda’, Abantu Babi’ and ‘Balinze Lwolifa’ among others.

Over 50 women turned up for audition to be be Mrs Segawa


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