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We Are Musicians Not Politicians – Bobi Wine

After being arrested at the firebase studios on the day President Museveni was sworn in, the four artists have finally been released from jail and they more than ready to head back to work.

Ghetto president Bobi Wine said that the musicians had to be counselled before they headed back to work,

‘We have done post-detention counselling and they are now already in a good mood heading to one love Beach Busabala for the Carnival. We are musicians not politicians…We are citizens not criminals!’

Bobi Wine disappointed with the way fellow artists were treated

Bobi Wine disappointed with the way fellow artists were treated

On Thursday the situka singer, explained the horror in which the musicians were arrested calling it unjust,

‘Our rehearsal studio in Kamwokya was invaded by armed soldiers and police as young Firebase artists were rehearsing, and others were watching the swearing in on T.V. They were beaten and arrested,’ he said before going on to add, ‘when I tried to explain that these youth were no harm to society and actually productive members of our community, nobody listened. They were bundled up to into a car, humiliated.’

Since the election period, Bobi Wine has called on people speak up or else no one will hear them.

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