Muslims Leaders Not Pleased With Members Of Parliament Wearing Red Caps

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It’s no longer news that some the Ugandan Members of Parliament are against the amendment of the age limit and to make their voices heard, they came up with a move of wearing red ribbons on their heads.

They were ordered by the speaker of Parliament to stop it as it was against the rules of the house. Many then resorted to buying red caps which are similar to the ones Muslims wear especially when they are going for prayers while others bought red shirts, ties and other clothing that represented their discomfort.

They couldn’t be refused this time round and on every rally, they have appeared wearing them which have forced officials from the Uganda Muslim Council to come out and condemn this act.

They say the caps symbolize Islam and that they shouldn’t mix religion with politics meaning those who are wearing them and are not Muslims should stop because it tarnishes the religion.

Among the MP’s who are found of this act is Bobi Wine, Allan Sewanyana, Latif Sebagala and Semujju Nganda among others.

Honourable Bobi Wine wearing the red cap as he went to visit councilor Segirinya Muhammad in hospital

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