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Must Watch: ‘Get Hard’ Will Definitely Crack You Up

Are you wondering which movie you should watch this weekend and you can’t seem to make up your mind. Well, we recommend a comedy that will cheer you up as you wait for the new week that’s fast approaching.

Get Hard which stars Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell is definitely one movie that will crack you up.

When super rich James (Will Ferrell) is arrested on fraud allegations and given 30 days before he is sentenced to maximum prison, reality checks in. Scared that he wouldn’t last a day in prison, he seeks out help from Darnell (Kevin) a man who washes his car.

With the African American stereotype intact, James (Will Ferrell) assumes Darnell (Kevin Hart) has been to prison before, something the latter saw as an opportunity to make extra money and save his business.

He tries to get James ready for prison by intimidating with his “mad dog” face on several occasions but James can only “sad dog” him. Darnell further creates scenarios in which James must defend himself, like picking fights with random people at the park but only for him to be beaten multiple times.

With just a few days before he is taken to prison, Darnell comes up with a massive plan for James to get involved in a gang, so that he can be protected on the inside.

As time flies by Darnell discovers that James is indeed innocent of the fraud crime and it’s his father in-law ‘Martin’ who is the crook.

With drama unfolding they both learn that they wrong about several things including each other.

Have a look at the trailer below.

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