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“My Busy Schedule Is The Reason I Quit Afrigo Band”- Eddy Yawe

Photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

Eddy Yawe is no longer part of Afrigo Band and this news circulated last week with everyone asking themselves what possible reason could have made the talented musician and instrumentalist to quit the legendary band.

Some thought that he was relieved of his duties by the management whereas others thought he had started his own band while others thought he quit to embark on politics which has always been his dream but none of that is true.

Eddy Yawe who is also the big brother to musician-turned-politician Bobi Wine quit because of his busy schedule.

According to him, he has been overwhelmingly busy ever since he released his hit song ‘Tukigalle’ which finished off last year as one of the biggest songs.

Yawe claims that he has been getting endless gigs ever since the song made it is way on top of the charts and getting time for the band has really been a hard time. It was therefore in his best interests to quit and embark on his solo career where he will have no one to explain to for missing a band gig or two

He further added that there is no bad blood between him and the band. “My Busy Schedule Is The Reason I Quit Afrigo Band and I have no bad blood with them” Eddy Yawe said

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