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“My Children Are Fine”-Lilian Mbabazi Fires Back At Critics Over Welfare

Ugandan tabloids will never cease to amuse and with tabloids, any defamatory story is always expected. Last week, one of the famous local tabloids had an article that former Blu*3 singer Lilian Mbabazi’s children with later singer and vocalist Radio are battling school fees problems

The article alleged that the two children Asante (boy) and Izuba (girl) are redundantly sitting home because of failure to clear school fees. This rubbed Lilian on the wrong side and forced her to come out and clear the air

Lilian made clear for the whole world to know that her children are fine and in schools which they love so much.

 “Hey guys, just to let you know, Asante and Izuba are fine. They love their schools and are very happy children growing up in a loving home. I am proud of how much they have grown. Asante is in year 3 and Izuba is almost done with nursery.. In September she joins year 1.” Lilian wrote on her Facebook Account

Lilian Mbabazi and her children with radio

From the time Radio passed on, his children with Lilian have been living a strictly private life. As matter of fact, it was rumoured that Asante was the going to be Radio’s heir but we never saw this happening until it was in the news that Asante and his sister Izuba a battling school fees problems although Lilian rubbished these rumours.

Meanwhile, this all comes in the wake of former miss Uganda Dorah Mwina’s confession of mothering late Radio’s child



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