Girls, Better Crush On A Turtleneck!

With the chilly weather, many of us have been wondering if there is a pair of clothing in various colors and fabrics to keep us warm. Voila, the answer is found, and it is nothing but a Turtleneck.


My girls and I have been trying to so hard to attend all these cool night events in a stylish manner without freezing our marrows out, and how handy the turtleneck comes in! For those who attended the Rwanda Burundi night, you know what am talking about.

Here are some of the ways to slay the turtleneck look

1. The turtle neck crop top


These are adorable. Still maintaining the crop top frenzy and keeping you warm. You can wear it on your denim be it ripped or not. A pencil high waist skirt would look beautiful with a slim belt. Its perfect with strapped sandals or even boots.


2. The sweater dress

These are tricky to style but not impossible. My favorite are the ones with a turtle neck, either tight or hanging loose around the neck like a scarf.


This can be a short dress perfect for date night. Add a vest long coat with color to brighten it up. With cute sandals you are warm, sexy and elegant. You go girl!

3.  The turtle neck blouse for work

This is best satin or something similar, I would suggest you buy a rich bold color like green or red and style it with a 2 color striped or spotted pair of trousers.


It’s bold but amazing. If you want to keep it subtle then white, cream and black plain trousers will do. Don’t forget to accessorize.



For me these 3 are a must have in your closets at least until the weather permits us to go back to our flimsy outfits we seem to love so much.

Whoever is saying it is old school and not stylish, you are so wrong. The turtleneck is not back, it actually never left!

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