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“My Dream Was To Be My Own Boss”-Irene Ntale

“At 28 years, I wanted to be my own boss. That has always been my dream and I nothing but to make my own decisions because at that age, one is old enough,” Irene Ntale said.

This surely puts all the assumptions regarding her leaving Swangz Avenue at rest because Swangz Avenue already gave their say in all this and Ntale was the only one left to fill in the puzzle.

When she was asked what challenges she is facing after leaving a record label that pushed her to where she is right now, Irene said that it is the discouragement from the public that is getting to her head.


Irene Ntale

“I hear people saying that I’ve started failing musically, how I can’t keep up the pressure and how I won’t be able to sustain my career among others have so far been challenging for me.” She said before adding that God is the only one who understands every situation.

When Irene announced that she had left Swangz, assumptions started with some people claiming that she had left because she felt she deserved more money than what she was getting, others said it was out of jealousness she had for Winnie Nwagi while others just said she felt she was ready to be solo after four years at Swangz.   

Irene Ntale said all this while she was hosted today morning at Galaxy Fm.


Irene Ntale (holding microphone) at the Sembera Album listeners party at Swangz Avenue last year


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