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My Mum Is My Best Friend – Sheebah

Have you ever wondered why Sheebah is always care free especially when the media publishes negative stories about her? Well she tipped us that as long as her mother is okay with what she’s doing, no one else can change her mind.

“I can’t do anything without the support and permission of my mother. She’s the first person I tell everything before and after I do it. So I don’t care what anyone else says.its only when she’s not okay with something that I can’t do it.” She said.

Sheebah also confessed that she was raised up by her mother but never gave the details of the where abouts of her father.

“I was raised up by a single mother. she is my father, mother and best friend at the same time. My mom is my best friend.”

Sheebah opens up about her relationship with her mother

Sheebah opens up about her relationship with her mother

Meanwhile, the ‘Jordan’ artiste said her singing partnership with Pallaso wasn’t orchestrated to be a partnership duo like Radio and Weasel but rather artistes coming together to do some songs. “What the media don’t understand is that when Jeff started Team No Sleep, I was doing my own stuff as a solo artiste and so was Pallaso. We just decided to work on a few projects together from the same camp not like the goodlyf duo of Radio and Weasel and besides the two of us had separate individual projects when he was still in Team No Sleep.” She clarified.

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