Myko Ouma And Joseph Sax’s ‘Live Music Volts’ Excites Revellers At Exo Lounge

Like a month and a half ago, guitarist Michael Ouma teamed up with saxophonist Joseph Sax and other friends to start up a night (Live Music Vaults) at Exo Lounge former T1 Club. The night is intended to give the audience a live music experience for three good hours every first Wednesday of the month.

The first edition was fairly attended and those who attended  witnessed one of the best displays by the band. Being the first Wednesday of the month of June, the band were at it again and this time round, the audience came in double numbers and there is nothing that motivates artistes than seeing a full house.

Ouma and Joseph Sax were joined by singers and instrumentalists Emma Dragu, Jacinta, Roger Tenwa, Sam Bisaso, Elijah Kitaka and Joshua Maggwa to give the audience a thrilling experience and according to reception, it is like they knew the kind of music people wanted.

Among the cover songs that they performed include Michael Jackson’s ‘Human Nature’, ‘On The Low’ by Burna Boy, ‘Lusa’, ‘Mateeka’ by ‘Sinamakosa’ and ‘Rara’ among others but unlike on the first edition, Ouma and Joseph Sax didn’t perform original compositions as they dwelled mostly on covers.

Whenever they played instrumentals of jams that rang a bell in people’s ears, the crowd would get up and dance in pairs while others were seen dancing alone.

The show will be returning on the first Wednesday of July still at Exo Lounge and entrance is free. It’s proudly sponsored by SMS ONE and Radio City.

Joseph Sax in the middle of his performance

Myko Ouma on his guitar

That time when vocalist Emma Dragu joined Joseph Sax

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