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Naava Grey Talks About The Challenges She Faces In The Music Industry

Having released her 20 track album with a flawless performance last Thursday, Naava Grey recently told Chano8 that the challenges she faces in the music industry.

Naava Grey performs at her album launch.

Naava Grey performs at her album launch.

‘It is sometimes disappointing and energy supping when the audience doesn’t feel you during a performance. And sometimes some sections of our local audience doesn’t understand and appreciate my style of music yet it is loved by other people around the world.

‘The local media always focusing on personalities other than the music. Most times the local media direct their reporting according to the individuals and names, forgetting the most important thing which is the music,’ she said.

Naava Grey is one artist who takes time to work her craft and always wants nothing but quality and will never settle for less. She is definitely shooting for the stars and she won’t settle for anything other than originality and class. Her style is distinctively unique and gathering pace.

You can read more about Naava Grey in the latest Chano8 magazine issue here. Don’t forget to get yourself a copy of Naava Grey the album.

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